All You Need To Know About Mobile Phone Batteries

This is evident that now the whole world is running on batteries. We can find batteries in our home, cars, aeroplane, laptop or even mobile. All the electronics or other household items that we are using today are running on batteries. These batteries can be said as the powerhouse of our daily lives and now we cannot operate normally, in their absence. Even the watch we wear or keys we used to open our cars require batteries. The batteries made mobility possible, now we can take our electronics or gadget anywhere we want, we just need to carry an extra battery as a back-up or the batteries should be rechargeable. Can you imagine now, that you are going on a trip to the countryside, where you have a plan to don camping, without your gadget you might not be able to enjoy your trip? You will be needing tons of gadgets or electronics like flashlights, GPS, mobile phone etc. All these electronic items will be running on batteries.

Role of Batteries in Global Communication

Even in the coming future, all the vehicles on the road will also be running on batteries. Yes, even now the cars have batteries but it has a limited role but in future, all the vehicles will be running on batteries. That means with passing time, the batteries will be becoming the lifeline of our transportation. As of today, the most critical battery, that makes you worry and you always want it to be rightly charged is your mobile battery. The mobile battery has made it probable to get rid of the phone that was attached with wire and placed on your wall or table. The mobile batteries are an integral part of global communication, even it is not wrong to say that whole global communication is running on mobile batteries because now mobile phones are the primary tool of communication. This means that mobile batteries are the key player in global communication.

There are usually two types of mobile batteries that are widely used. Many new developments are happening in the field of batteries but as of now, these types of batteries are the showrunners.

  1. Lithium-Ion Batteries
  2. Lithium Polymer battery

Lithium-Ion Batteries:

Lithium-ion batteries are the most popular and oldest technology. All the mobile phone in their earlier years contain this battery. This battery was comparatively expensive to its succeeder but they have higher energy density. They can be made in different sizes and as compare to the lithium-polymer battery; they are a bit heavier. As now, the smartphones are becoming sleek and lightweight, so this battery technology has been mostly replaced by lithium polymer battery. 

Lithium Polymer Battery:

Lithium Polymer battery is the most recent and advanced technology for mobile phone batteries. They are lightweight that helped to make mobile phone lighter and the chemical composition of lithium-ion batteries and lithium polymer is nearly the same, that help to provide the same capacity with lesser size. 

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